kiss me again

Story 7.0

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Acting/Cast 8.0

Music 6.0

Rewatch Value 7.0

Okay, my review of this drama will only be about the BL part. I did not bother watching it for the other couples-(too many and some were annoying), ví please keep in mind that it will only reflect some aspect of the drama. I'm sure that the other couples' stories were interesting (not lớn me), but I could not get into them at all. I tried and gave up and ended up just watching Pete and Kao's relationship.

Onto that part then. If you lượt thích BL dramas (I actually lượt thích any drama, but lately BLs have been taking over my life) then you will definitely lượt thích the way Pete and Kao's relationship evolves. It's the typical "I hate you lớn then I lượt thích you" story line, but it was nice lớn see. Pete's cockiness and his bad boy attitude wanted bủ lớn punch him at times, but he made it up with the way he would look at Kao, not realizing that he was falling for him. I also liked Kao's way of putting himself and his feelings first and making it clear lớn Pete that he could not play with him and his feelings. It was ví refreshing lớn see a character that put their needs and feelings first in order lớn protect themselves.

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Aside from that, I also liked the way the ex-girlfriend was not made into a villain in the kết thúc. She was a bit needed and manipulative, but she also had some moments were you could empathize with her and realize that people are not just bad, they can be good and they can also change for the better.

I still don't see how this series flows into Kiss bủ, because it seemed lượt thích here June was aware of Pete and Kao's attraction, but in Kiss bủ, he was totally clueless. We also didn't see much of Sandee who was the only person lớn know their relationship (what the hell happened lớn Sandee btw?) The fact that Pete's father found out, albeit though the evil scheme of the ex-girlfriend-was a good touch, because the boys had someone else on their side. I also believe that Kao's mother was hinting at her knowing they liked each other and it's nice lớn see parents tư vấn their children.

If you want lớn see the drama for just the BL, then you won't be disappointed (I suggest Lazysubber as she is the only one who has the BL parts in order and translated). If you want lớn see it for the other couples, then go head and watch it. This drama suffered from too many characters syndrome and I just couldn't commit lớn the other couples because they were not lớn my liking. Some of the pairings were super annoying from the bit that I watched and that's why I stopped following the whole thing.

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Cons: MY GOD those long a&& commercial promos in the drama. Why were they always given lớn Pete and Kao? That soup company truly invested a lot of money into that drama. Pete and Kao spent on average two minutes just making that soup and slurping it--2 minutes we could have had of more character development.

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