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High Kick Through the Roof

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GenreSituation comedy
StarringLee Soon-jae
Kim Ja-ok
Jeong Bo-seok
Oh Hyun-kyung
Choi Daniel
Hwang Jung-eum
Shin Se-kyung
Yoon Shi-yoon
Jin Ji-hee
Seo Shin-ae
Lee Gi-kwang
Opening theme"High Kick Through the Roof" by Hooni Hoon ft. Seo Ye-na
Ending theme"You Are My Girl!" by Kim Cho-han
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes126
ProducerKim Byeong-ook
Running time30 minutes
Production companyChorokbaem Media
Original release
NetworkMBC [HD]
ReleaseSeptember 2, 2009 –
June 1, 2010
High Kick Through the Roof

지붕뚫고 하이킥

Revised RomanizationJibungttulgo Haikik
McCune–ReischauerChibungttulk'o Haik'ik

High Kick Through the Roof (Korean: 지붕 뚫고 하이킥; RR: Jibungttulgo Haikik) was a popular South Korean situation comedy revolving around the life of the Lee family.[1][2][3]


Soon-jae's House[edit]

Lee Soon-jae (이순재, Lee Soon-jae)
President of the self-named food company Lee Soon-jae F&B (Food & Beverage) and family patriarch (grandfather of Hae-ri and Jun-hyeok) in the drama. His distinguishing characteristic is his explosive farting. His first wife, Hyun-kyung's own mother, died several years ago from shock after misunderstanding his relationship with a secretary. Soon-jae's romantic pursuit of Kim Ja-ok causes conflict with his family, both due to lớn his wife's death and Soon-Jae's own inconsiderate and rash behavior with regards to lớn his girlfriend. He is largely contemptuous of his son-in-law, whom he sees as an incompetent buffoon. He is also unreasonably jealous of Ja-ok's boarder Julien, seeing Julien as a romantic rival. He and Ja-ok get engaged and marry later in the series.
Kim Ja-ok (김자옥, Kim Ja-ok)
Soon-jae's girlfriend and vice-principal of Hyun-kyung's high school. She sees herself as a highly delicate and stereotypically feminine young lady, despite her advanced years. Although her relationship with Lee Soon-jae reflects this aspect of her personality, Ja-ok is also revealed as a firm landlady and an overbearing individual in her relationship with Hyun-kyung, who is the P..E. teacher at her school. Ms. Ja-ok is the Vice Principal of the high school (also attended by Jun-hyeok), and is known as the "Pervert Vice-Principal" because she twists male students' nipples as a khuông of corporal punishment. Her personal tastes and behavior are that of a little girl; she sleeps with a teddy bear and decorates her room as such. She later marries Soon-jae and becomes Hyun-kyung's stepmother.
Lee Hyun-kyung (이현경, Oh Hyun-kyung)
A former taekwondo champion, Hyun-kyung is a strong willed woman who firmly runs her household. A P..E. teacher at her son's high school, she and the vice principal (Ja-ok) often have personality conflicts. She rarely takes issues personally and is a disciplinarian both at trang chủ and at work. Although thrifty, she is generous to lớn people when the situation merits. Towards the kết thúc of the series, she becomes pregnant.
Jeong Bo-seok (정보석, Jeong Bo-seok)
Hyun-kyung's husband and the bumbling Vice President of Lee Soon-jae F&B (Food & Beverage). He is often ignored and disregarded in household matters because of his low IQ and lack of common sense. However, he is also his daughter's favorite relative, and is a man of good intentions. Unfortunately, his lack of intelligence earns him no respect within the family, particularly his father-in-law and wife. He is often a scapegoat of his father-in-law's mistakes but is also the cause of many of the company's problems. Middle-aged Japanese women find him irresistible (thus the nickname Bo-sama), and non-household members often find him initially charming. He is also good at foot volleyball; at an inter-business championship, he led his team to lớn victory.
Lee Ji-hoon (이지훈, Choi Daniel)
Hyun-kyung's brother who also lives with her family. He is perceived as cold-hearted, but he is just too preoccupied with work matters to lớn pay close attention to lớn those around him. He is actually a warm, lovely, and funny man with a big heart. A graduate of Seoul National University's medical school, he is a third-year surgical resident at Chorok Hospital. He is intellectually gifted and has many achievements, but does not boast or brag about them. Although he lives with his family, he is largely indifferent to lớn household matters as his work keeps him away. He is the first in his family to lớn reach out to lớn Se-kyung and Shin-ae. Through a variety of comic circumstances, he also falls in love with Jun-hyeok's tutor, Hwang Jung-eum. They begin dating. But then, due to lớn Hwang Jung-eum's difficulty, she forces Ji-hoon to lớn break up with her. At last, Ji-hoon realizes that Se-kyung likes him, but he can't return her feeling due to lớn he still cannot get over Jung-eum and intends to lớn get back with her. In the last episode, it was hinted that, when he was driving Se-kyung to lớn the airport for her flight to lớn Tahiti, he faced a tragic xế hộp accident due to lớn heavy rain.
Jeong Jun-Hyuk (정준혁, Yoon Shi-yoon)
The tough, semi-rebellious teenage son of Lee Hyun-kyung and Jeong Bo-seok, and Hae-ri's older brother. He is lax in his studies, but is sharp and is a good judge of character. He is initially very rude to lớn his new tutor, Jeong-eum, but later comes to lớn accept her because of her sincerity and he begins to lớn lượt thích her. Upon realizing Se-kyung's charms and beauty, he develops an intense crush on his noona (term for a slighter older female), willing to lớn bởi anything for her. Like his uncle, he has a soft heart and is caring for others, especially the Shin sisters. Jung-eum mistakenly thinks he loves her until she sees a picture of Se-kyung in his notebook. He's known for fighting in school and is best friends with Kang Sae-ho. He is jealous of Se-kyung's attraction toward his uncle and continually tries to lớn impress her. He succeeds in making her to lớn lượt thích him but loses to lớn his uncle in winning her heart.
Jeong Hae-ri (정해리, Jin Ji-hee)
Daughter of Lee Hyun-kyung and Jeong Bo-seok, and Jun-hyeok's younger sister. Hae-ri is a spoiled and selfish elementary school girl. She is initially abusive towards Shin-ae, but later grows quite attached to lớn her, but would never verbally admit it. She has a voracious love of kalbi (a short rib dish), which often causes her constipation. She is rude to lớn those she dislikes. As such, her trademark phrase is "bbangkkuttongkku" (빵꾸똥꾸), which approximately translates to lớn "farty butthole"; she also speaks to lớn elders in banmal (casual speech). Like her father, she is not academically gifted and shows little ambition to lớn bởi anything other than vãn inherit her grandfather's riches and live in wealth her entire life. It was revealed that in the future, she will be married to lớn Se-ho.
    • Shin Soo-yeon as young Jeong Hae-ri
    • Park Shin-hye as adult Jeong Hae-ri
Shin Se-kyung (신세경, Shin Se-kyung)
The series centres around Se-kyung and Shin-ae's involvement with the Lee family. Se-kyung is Shin-ae's highly reserved older sister and finds work as the Lee household's live-in housekeeper after a mad escapade involving her father's debt to lớn some loan sharks. She is diligent and frugal, but also initially lacks aspirations. She is clearly more intelligent than vãn her position allows for and longs to lớn go to lớn school as her peers bởi. Other characters come to lớn admire her, particularly Jun-hyeok and Julien. She is unaware of most of her virtues (including beauty) and approaches the modernity of Seoul with wide-eyed bewilderment and willingness to lớn try new things. She knows Jun-hyeok's love for her before he reveals it. She does lượt thích Jun-hyeok, but she really loves Ji-hoon. Julien also had a crush on her from the beginning, which is revealed later in the series. She eventually quits her job to lớn immigrate to lớn Tahiti with her family, but it was hinted in the last episode that she faced a tragic death along with Ji-hoon who was driving her to lớn the airport in a xế hộp accident as their xế hộp slipped due to lớn heavy rainfall.
Shin Shin-ae (신신애, Seo Shin-ae)
Se-kyung's younger sister. Her bright-eyed enthusiasm earns her top grades at her school, despite her having been living in the backwoods of Taebaek for several years. She has boundless energy and has a close knit, loving relationship with her older sister. She has a charming personality and cuteness that wins over almost everyone she meets, with the notable exception of Hye-ri.
Kang Se-ho (강세호, Lee Gi-kwang)
Jun-hyeok's best friend and high school buddy. Academically gifted and physically fit, he quickly develops a tremendous crush on Hwang Jung-eum and becomes her merely annoying "stalker," often shutting himself in Jun-hyeok's closet during tutoring sessions to lớn just to lớn watch her. He is Jun-hyeok's confidant and encourages him to lớn confess his love for Se-kyung. It was revealed that in the future, he will be married to lớn Hae-ri.

Ja-ok's House[edit]

Hwang Jung-eum (황정음, Hwang Jung-eum)
Jun-hyuk's English tutor and boarder of Kim Ja-ok. Jung-eum is a below-average university student attending the fictitious Seoun University, a low-level university outside of Seoul. However, due to lớn an error, Hyun-kyung mistakes her as a Seoul National University (the top public university in Korea) student and hires her as Jun-hyeok's tutor. She takes the job out of desperation, and conceals her true university enrollment as a secret for most of the series. She is fiscally irresponsible because of her obsession with being fashionable, feminine, and xinh tươi. Despite her cutesy mannerisms, Jung-eum has a strong personality that drives her to lớn bởi impossible things. She falls in love with Ji-hoon through a series of incidents but initially disdains his cold and (to her) arrogant personality while also rejecting Sae-ho's teenage crush on her. She later develops a serious relationship and dates with Ji-hoon. But then she forces him to lớn break up with her due to lớn her financial difficulties. She eventually secures stable employment which she would perform well enough to lớn be promoted to lớn management 3 years later.
Julien (줄리엔, Julien Kang)
An American living at Kim Ja-ok's traditional Korean house. He is fluent in Korean, French, and American English. He bonds with the Shin sisters when he takes them in and helps them to lớn find work in Seoul, and continues his friendship with the sisters after they begin living in the Lee household. He is highly attractive because of his height, model-like looks, and toned physique, and is seen constantly working out. He also becomes an English teacher at Ja-ok and Hyun-kyung's school. He also had a crush on Se-kyung in the beginning of the series.
Yoo In-na (유인나, Yoo In-na)
A carefree friend and co-boarder with Jung-eum and Julien. In-na is in a long-term relationship with Kwang-soo, and hopes to lớn become a famous singing group with him. Although Jung-eum's friend, In-na is highly aware of her tendency to lớn not repay loans, and mooching off others. She eventually succeeds in becoming an idol.
Lee Kwang-soo (이광수, Lee Kwang-soo)
In-na's boyfriend and Kim Ja-ok's least favorite boarder because of her prejudice against his ungainly appearance. He is kind and very supportive of his girlfriend, even though she finds success and fame without him.

Other characters[edit]

  • Jung Seok-yeong as Shin Dal-ho
    Se-kyung and Shin-ae's father. Although he lives with his daughters in what Se-kyung accurately describes as Stone-age farming conditions in the mountains, he is quickly found by debt-sharks after being photographed on a blog and essentially drops from the story after his daughters arrive in Seoul.
  • Lee Bong-won as Bong
    Director of Lee Soon-jae F&B. He can bởi Japanese translation work, and has sent his daughter to lớn study the violin in the United States.
  • Song Ju-yeon as Song Ju-yeon
    Hae-ri and Shin-ae's elementary school teacher.
  • Hong Sun-chang as Hong Sun-chang
    The Principal of Jun-hyeok's high school, and a rival for Ja-ok's attentions.
  • Im Chae-hong as Im Chae-hong
    Lee Soon-jae F&B's official chauffeur.
  • Lee Seo-hyun as Yoon Seo-hyun
    A contract P..E. instructor.
  • Baek Seung-hee as Baek Seung-hee
    Secretary to lớn Lee Soon-jae, and thus subject to lớn Soon-jae's explosive and smelly gas attacks.
  • Choi Jae-won as Choi Jae-won
    Jun-hyeok's former English Tutor. Although they initially had a firm connection, Jae-won is a moocher whose uselessness (true even in comparison to lớn Jung-eum) leads Jun-hyeok to lớn re-evaluate Jae-won's character. Fired early on for failing to lớn raise Jun-hyeok's poor grades.
  • Doctor Min and Doctor An
    Ji-hoon's colleagues.

Guest and cameo appearances[edit]

  • Kim Hye-seong as Lee Min-ho
    Minho, the elder brother of the Unstoppable High Kick Lee family, makes a cameo appearance in the first episode. He and his friend Hyeong-wook are lost in the Taebaek Mountains. They are found and taken in by the Shin family. After developing a close relationship, he takes a picture of them and uploads it to lớn his blog. This allows the loan sharks to lớn find Shin Dal-ho and forces Se-kyung and Shin-ae to lớn lập cập away to lớn Seoul, setting the plot in motion.
  • No Hyeong-wook as No Hyeong-wook
    Also a Seoul college student.
  • Kwak Jeong-wook as Kwak Jeong-wook
    Student at Jun-hyeok's high school.
  • Park Chan-yeol
  • Son Yeo-eun as Son Yeo-eun
    One of Ji-hoon's early blind dates, phối up for him by Hyun-kyung. Unfortunately, Yeo-eun is exposed to lớn Ji-hoon's less-than-charming social obliviousness as he notes her jaundiced eyes and inquires in public whether her urine is brown and bubbly. Her cameo ends with her furious reaction to lớn Ji-hoon as he ignores her to lớn watch an important baseball game.
  • Kim Jung-ryul as Kim Jung-ryul
  • Noh Haeng-ha as Student
  • Song Gwi-hyeon as Song Gwi-hyeon
    Bo-seok's father, who (in a flashback) refuses to lớn acknowledge his son's low IQ.
  • Lee Hong-ryul as Lee Hong-ryul
  • Jeong Jun-ha as Ma Dun-tak
    Jeong Jun-ha, who played an unemployed father in Unstoppable High Kick!, cameos as an incredible baseball player who was Bo-seok's rival for Hyun-kyung in college. He obviously lost Hyun-kyung's affections (having never obtained them), but went on to lớn be a star baseball player.
  • Pyo In-bong as Pyo In-bong
    A competition coordinator.
  • Seo Ji-seok as Seo Ji-seok
    Ji-hoon's friend.
  • Park Kyung-lim as Park Kyung-lim
    An alum of Hyun-kyung's University, and parody of Queen of Housewives.
  • Jeong Kyu-soo as Jeong Kyu-soo
    Owner of a sundae and tteokbokki cửa hàng in front of Hae-ri and Shin-ae's elementary school; Kyu-soo keeps Shin-ae captive for one day after Shin-ae unthinkingly eats a mass of food for his cửa hàng without knowing Hae-ri had not paid for it.
  • Ryu Seung-soo as Jang Jun-hyup
    Chorok Hospital Chief of Surgery.
  • Kim Yong-jun as Kim Yong-jun
    A veterinarian at the animal hospital.
  • Kang Bit as Jeong Kyo-bin
    Hae-ri's temporary boyfriend, a Gu Jun-pyo-type character whose extravagant ways belie his youth. Although he initially pursues Hae-ri, Kyo-bin instantly falls for Shin-ae, and the elementary-school love triangle results in a Temptation of the Wife parody.
  • Jung Il-woo as Jung Il-woo
    Original main character from High Kick!'s first season, Il-woo portrays Jung-eum's first love and the original owner of her dog. Although he left her to lớn ostensibly travel the world, his character suffered from a terminal illness and died.
  • Chae Sang-woo as Chae Sang-woo
    Acquaintance of Shin-ae's when she is addicted to lớn the doll-draw machine.
  • Yun Ki-won as Yun Ki-won
    A mentally-ill man who convinces Bo-seok that he is an agent from the year 2109, when robots have taken over the world.
  • Park Ji-yeon as Lee Yu-ri
    A tough, ulzzang high schooler who crushes on Jun-hyeok. After being rejected by him, however, she persistently pursues him until he desperately has Hwang Jung-eum pose as his girlfriend.
  • Lee So-jung as Lee So-jung
    Ji-hoon's colleague at the hospital and friend.
  • Jeong Ga-eun as Jeong Ga-eun
    Bo-seok friend's girlfriend who went to lớn the United States; Ga-eun is Bo-seok's first love.
  • Soy as Soy
    An American, Julien's friend.
  • Yoon Jong-shin and Jang Han-jun as Yoon Jong-shin and Jang Han-jun
    Elders who helps Jung-eum and In-na install electronics.
  • Kim Han-suk as Sa Eun-pung
    Knows Kwang-soo and In-na .
  • Hooni Hoon as Hooni Hoon
    Hip Hop Bo-seok in the liver of the club DJ.
  • Kim Bum as Kim Bum
    A cast-member from the first season; Kim Bum is an engineering student.
  • Kim Gyeong-jin as Kim Gyeong-jin
    A homeless person who received Christmas present from Hwang Jung-eum which originally was for Lee Ji-hoon.
  • Kim Gyeong-ryong as Kim Gyeong-ryong
    Owns a prime-rib restaurant.
  • Huh Cham as Lee Cham
    Younger brother of Soon-jae.
  • Danny Ahn as Ahn Shin-won
    Ji-hoon's friend.
  • Shin Ji as Shin Ji
    Ji-hoon's friend.
  • Yang Hun as Yang Hun
  • Jang Jung-hee as Jang Jung-hee
    Chorok Hospital head nurse.
  • Yang Taek-jo as Yang Taek-jo
    Grandmother with dementia.
  • Lee Na-young as Lee Na-bong
    Ji-hoon's first love and heartbreak.
  • Park Yeong-gyu as Park Yeong-gyu
    Kim Ja-Ok's junior.
  • Jung Kyung-ho as Jung Kyung-ho
  • Tiger JK as Tiger JK
    Kwang-soo's friend.
  • Jun Hwan-kyu as Jun Hwan-kyu
  • Jung Woong-in as Jung Woong-in
  • Oh Sang-jin as Park Ji-sung
  • Kim Tae-won as Kim Tae-won
  • Cho Won-seok as Cho Won-seok
    Appears in In-na's music đoạn Clip.
  • Yong Jun-hyung as himself
  • Jung Suk-won as Jung Suk-won
  • 4Minute
  • Sunwoo Yong-nyeo as Sunwoo Yong-nyeo

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2009 MBC Entertainment Awards Best Couple Award in a Sitcom/Comedy Yoon Shi-yoon and Shin Se-kyung Won
Best Young Actor/Actress Jin Ji-hee Won
Seo Shin-ae Won
Best New Actor in a Sitcom/Comedy Choi Daniel Won
Best New Actress in a Sitcom/Comedy Shin Se-kyung Won
Hwang Jung-eum Won
Lifetime Achievement Award Lee Soon-jae Won

46th Baeksang Arts Awards

Best New Actress in TV Hwang Jung-eum Won

3rd Korea Drama Awards

Most Popular Actress Hwang Jung-eum Won
Special Jury Prize Kim Byung-wook Won

11th Korea Visual Arts Festival

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Photogenic Award, TV Actress category Hwang Jung-eum Won
DramaBeans Awards Favourite Family Drama High Kick Through the Roof Nominated [4]

15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Fantasia Award Choi Daniel, Shin Se-kyung Won

1st K-Drama Star Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award Lee Soon-jae Won
APAN Star Awards Achievement Award Lee Soon-jae Won

Original soundtrack[edit]

Part 1
  1. High Kick Through The Roof (지붕뚫고 하이킥) - Hooni Hoon feat. Seo Ye-na
  2. You Are My Girl - Kim Cho-han
  3. Don't Say Goodbye - Kim Cho-han
  4. Open Your Mind - Soul Breeze feat. Kim Cho-han
Part 2
  1. Hold On Your Breath (숨을 참아요) - Seo Ye-na
  2. The Road To Me (내게 오는 길) - Yoon Shi-yoon
  3. Don't Look Back, High Kick (뒤돌아 보지마 하이킥) - Kim Cho-han
Special Edition
  1. You're My Girl - Kim Jo-han
  2. Little Girl
  3. High Kick Through The Roof - Hooni Hoon feat. Seo Ye-na
  4. Present For You
  5. The Road To Me (Studio Version) - Yoon Shi-yoon
  6. Trying To Find Her - Kim Jo-han
  7. Don't Say Goodbye - Kim Jo-han
  8. Beautiful Love
  9. Friday Night - Hooni Hoon
  10. Scream (소리질러) - Hooni Hoon
  11. Say Ho - Hooni Hoon feat. Nacko
  12. Open Your Mind - Soul Breeze feat. Kim Jo-han
  13. Hold On Your Breath - Seo Ye-na

International broadcast[edit]

It aired in nhật bản on cable channel KNTV.[5]

It aired in Vietnam on HTV3 in 2010. However, due to lớn unknown reasons involving HTV3 and TVM Corp, the network temporarily lost the rights to lớn the series. It was broadcast again in 2013.

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It aired in Panama on RPC-TV in 2019.

It is phối to lớn air in Myanmar on SKYNET International Drama in upcoming 2020.


A Vietnamese adaptation of the show, Gia đình là số 1 - Phần 2, aired on channel HTV7 in 2019. It was distributed by Điền Quân Media and Entertainment.


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  • Official website (in Korean)
  • High Kick Through The Roof at HanCinema