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Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise (ガンダムビルドダイバーズRe:RISE, Gandamu Birudo Daibāzu Re:Raizu) is a Japanese original net animation anime series produced by Sunrise Beyond. A sequel đồ sộ the 2018 anime Gundam Build Divers, it is the first Gundam anime series đồ sộ be released in the Reiwa period, released đồ sộ celebrate the franchise's 40th anniversary.[2] The series is directed by Shinya Watada and written by Yasuyuki Muto. Initially announced at the Gundam 40th anniversary video clip, the series aired on its Gundam Channel YouTube channel in nhật bản from October 10 đồ sộ December 26, 2019.[3] A TV airing of the ONA began on Tokyo MX and later in BS11 on October 12, 2019, as part of the Anime+ lineup.[4] A second season premiered on April 9, 2020, and ended on August 27, 2020. Two spinoffs of the series were later serialized in Kadokawa's Gundam Ace magazine and Hobby Japan.

Two years has passed since the EL-Diver Incident, an sự kiện that almost destroyed the Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN) game until it was resolved by the force group known as "Build Divers", and soon after more EL-Divers were discovered. In order đồ sộ make the game more secure, a newer version of the game was rolled out in order đồ sộ prevent the same incident from happening again and with newer experiences that would make the gameplay more immersive đồ sộ players.

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The story focuses on Hiroto Kuga, a high schooler who is a rogue mercenary Gunpla Diver in GBN, who goes in the game and wanders throughout its countless dimensions while helping out other Divers whether it is on insistence or by hire. Despite his selfless act, he chooses đồ sộ remain unaffiliated with anyone and refuses rewards and Force (Diver parties) group invites, isolating himself from other people even in real life.

His primary goal as a Diver is đồ sộ be reunited with a mysterious girl from his past named Eve, who was in fact the very first EL-Diver đồ sộ appear in the game. But after a special request mission, Hiroto is united with three other active Divers in a strange world named "Eldora" and forms the Force group "BUILD DiVERS" in what appears đồ sộ be just another GBN gamespace sự kiện, until they learn the truth about Eldora and its consequences not only for GBN, but for the entire world.

The series was first teased back in the Gundam 40th Anniversary Beyond Press conference back on November 11, 2018.[7] On July 5, 2019, Sunrise teased the new series in a preview during the 40th anniversary promotional video clip. and revealed the official title during the 2019 nhật bản Expo in Paris.[8] Both Twitter and official websites also confirm the new series.[2] In the official press conference held on July 31, 2019,[9] Sunrise revealed more on the series's characters and mobile suits alongside the series's staff.[10] It is the first Gundam series produced by Sunrise Beyond, an animation studio established after Xebec's closure in March 2019.

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The series's Original Net Animation format and its planned release for online viewing and steaming came from Sunrise Beyond's producer, Takuya Okamoto. He did stated that "The TV brand is still large, sánh there was some concern that the broadcast scale would decline, but there is a strong point in the Internet distribution that not only nhật bản but the entire world can be watched simultaneously." Despite the series's shift into online streaming, the show will still air on television through BS11.[11]

The first season aired on Sunrise's Gundam Channel YouTube channel from October 10 đồ sộ December 26, 2019, with Sunrise announcing a simulcast streaming on other platforms[12] following with a TV airing on BS11 on October 12, 2019. A second season premiered on April 9, 2020.[13] On April 27, 2020, it was announced that episodes from 19 onward would be delayed indefinitely due đồ sộ the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.[14] On June 25, 2020, it was announced that it would resume on July 9, 2020.[15] Spira Spica performed the series' first opening theme tuy nhiên "Re:RISE", while PENGUIN RESEARCH performs the second opening theme tuy nhiên "Hatena". SudannaYuzuYully performed the series' first ending theme tuy nhiên "Magic Time"[5] while Spira Spica performed the second and third ending songs "Twinkle" and "Heartful" (the last tuy nhiên is used in the ending of episode 20). The series's music is composed by Hidemura Kimura.

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No. Title Original air date 1"Wandering Chip Core Gundam"
Transcription: "Hōkō no Koa Gandamu" (Japanese: 彷徨のコアガンダム)October 10, 2019 Gunpla Battle Nexus Online is upgraded đồ sộ version 1.78, which adds numerous new features đồ sộ the game. After clearing a difficult enemy by himself, Hiroto is approached by another player named Kazami, who wants đồ sộ team up with him. However, Hiroto refuses since he's not interested in Gunpla battles. In the real world, it's revealed that Hiroto is in fact searching for a girl he had met in the game several years ago before the Build Divers existed, recoiling at their name. A girl who had a striking resemblance đồ sộ Sarah, except with blonde hair and aqua green eyes. Meanwhile, his friend Hinata decides đồ sộ apply for a job at the Gundam cafe near his local Gunpla store. When Hiroto logs back into the game, he's recruited by Kazami đồ sộ investigate a secret mission that can take them đồ sộ an unexplored part of the game. They along with two other players, May and Parviz, discover a dog-like NPD named Freddie requesting help, and they accept the mission. While the group initially has trouble fighting the enemies, Hiroto's intervention eventually secures their victory. The game then automatically requests đồ sộ register their group as "BUILD DIVERS", with May quickly changing the name đồ sộ "BUILD DiVERS" đồ sộ differentiate themselves from the original BUILD DIVERS. 2"Unknown Mission"
Transcription: "Shira Rezaru Misshon" (Japanese: 知られざるミッション)October 10, 2019 The next day, it is revealed that May is working with Magee đồ sộ investigate the secret missions. When Hiroto logs into GBN, he and the rest of the BUILD DiVERS are transported back đồ sộ the secret Dimension, having been summoned by Freddie once again. Parviz theorizes that they have triggered a special story quest which requires them đồ sộ complete a chain of missions in order đồ sộ clear. Freddie leads the BUILD DiVERS đồ sộ his village where his sister Maiya and their father, the village chief, live. The village Chief explains that an army of hostile machines called the One-Eyes have recently appeared and begun attacking villages, with the villagers' only options being đồ sộ flee or hope for help from the Resistance. The BUILD DiVERS agree đồ sộ help protect the village from an expected One-Eyes attack, though Parviz has reservations due đồ sộ his inexperience in gunpla battle. Hiroto is only interested in continuing since he might find the girl he is looking for in the secret Dimension. Hiroto prepares a special training simulation đồ sộ prepare for the mission, but they are only barely able đồ sộ complete it after multiple tries. That evening, Hiroto is uncomfortable at the thought of being unable đồ sộ fully protect the village, but receives reassurance from Hinata who reminds him that he always finds a way out of trouble. 3"A Place đồ sộ Protect"
Transcription: "Mamorubeki Basho" (Japanese: 守るべき場所)October 17, 2019 Hiroto revises the plan đồ sộ defend the village. Instead of splitting their team đồ sộ defend two entrances simultaneously, the BUILD DiVERS decide đồ sộ block one of the entrances and funnel the One-Eyes through the other. The villagers reluctantly accept the plan. It's later revealed that Hiroto's determination đồ sộ protect the village stems from his bond with the girl in his past, who told him that even though GBN's world is artificial, it's still something worth protecting. That night, the One-Eyes assault the village. The BUILD DiVERS are able đồ sộ hold them back after a tough battle, but a One-Eyes unit is able đồ sộ penetrate their defenses and attack the village. Hiroto is able đồ sộ intercept the One-Eyes by switching đồ sộ his Mars Armor, which is specialized in close combat, and destroys the One-Eyes while causing minimal collateral damage đồ sộ the village. Afterwards, a Resistance squad led by Freddie and Maiya's older brother Jed arrives, and they are shocked at the presence of the BUILD DiVERS. Kazami remarks đồ sộ Hiroto that they must have unlocked the next story mission. Meanwhile, a mysterious entity observes the BUILD DiVERS. 4"Wounded Wings"
Transcription: "Kizutsuita Tsubasa" (Japanese: 傷ついた翼)October 24, 2019 While Jed is reluctant đồ sộ trust the BUILD DiVERS at first, he ultimately accepts their offer of assistance and explains that the Resistance is planning đồ sộ attack a One-Eyes base in the desert. However, the base is protected with an impenetrable barrier and the only entrance is heavily guarded. The BUILD DiVERS agree đồ sộ return in 3 days, which is the time needed for the Resistance đồ sộ organize. Jed decides đồ sộ recruit Freddie into the Resistance since only he knows how đồ sộ summon the BUILD DiVERS, which angers Maiya. The next day, the BUILD DiVERS take on a regular mission đồ sộ train for the battle. While pursuing the enemy, Parviz hesitates when he tries đồ sộ fly, resulting in Hiroto having đồ sộ save him. It is later revealed that even though the Valkylander is capable of flight, Parviz refuses đồ sộ fly due đồ sộ his fear of heights. On the day of the mission, Hiroto, Kazami, and May gather, but Parviz does not appear. 5"Now Spread Your Wings"
Transcription: "Ima, Tsubasa Hirogete" (Japanese: いま、翼ひろげて)October 31, 2019 On the day of the operation, Parviz is late đồ sộ arrive. Lamenting his previous incompetence, he tells the other BUILD DiVERS that he wants đồ sộ quit. Kazami opposes Parviz's decision while Hiroto and May remain indifferent. The team is summoned đồ sộ the village before a final decision can be made, as Jed's team is ready đồ sộ assault the One-Eyes base. Parviz still remains reluctant đồ sộ participate, afraid of being a burden đồ sộ the team, sánh Hiroto suggests a compromise after having a pep-talk with him and sharing a very familiar philosophy about feelings and gunpla. Parviz will focus on protecting Jed and his team while rest of the BUILD DiVERS distract the base guard. The plan goes well initially, with the BUILD DiVERS managing đồ sộ distract the advanced base guard while Jed's team infiltrates the base. Jed successfully demolishes the base, but the battle is further complicated with the appearance of a second base guard and a trio of flying One-Eyes units. Realizing everybody is in danger, Parviz finally overcomes his fear and transforms his Valkylander into its true sườn, its Dragon Fusion Mode. With Parviz's help, the BUILD DiVERS are able đồ sộ eliminate all of the One-Eyes units. Meanwhile, another Resistance team is apparently wiped out by a mysterious Gundam. 6"Hero on the Brink"
Transcription: "Gakeppuchi no Hīrō" (Japanese: 崖っぷちのヒーロー)November 7, 2019 While Parviz experienced great growth in the previous mission, Kazami alone is resentful at his own inability đồ sộ distinguish himself. Meanwhile, the BUILD DiVERS head for the Resistance base where they meet one of the Resistance leaders, Gorus. Gorus informs them that they want the BUILD DiVERS đồ sộ help them move đồ sộ a safer location for their base. Kazami is openly frustrated since that would mean there is little chance for any fighting where he can distinguish himself. Another Resistance leader, Muran, expresses his distrust of the BUILD DiVERS but both Jed and Freddie vouch for their loyalty. Gorus then warns them about the Seltsam, a unique One-Eyes unit that resembles a Gunpla. In order đồ sộ prepare for the transport mission, Parviz suggests that they join a player vs player match đồ sộ simulate the unpredictability of an ambush. They then encounter Kazami's old team led by Gojo, who are surprised Kazami is still playing GBN and are willing đồ sộ challenge them. However, the BUILD DiVERS are easily defeated by Gojo's team when Kazami falls for a feint and charges out of position. Gojo observes that Kazami still hasn't changed, and that Hiroto doesn't appear đồ sộ trust his own team due đồ sộ his lack of communication with them. Hiroto then visits Hinata, who points out đồ sộ him that people don't lượt thích đồ sộ be ignored, even if the attention they get can be negative. 7"Battered Crown"
Transcription: "Kizudarake no Eikan" (Japanese: 傷だらけの栄冠)November 14, 2019 Both Hiroto and Kazami are both still on awkward terms, even after Gojo asked Hiroto đồ sộ look after Kazami. Hiroto wonders why he is where he is and mentions the girl in his past name, which is "Eve". Suddenly, the One-Eyes attack the Resistance base, forcing the Resistance đồ sộ evacuate early. Muran takes Freddie in his truck, but separates from the main convoy in an attempt đồ sộ elude the One-Eyes. Kazami, unaware Freddie is with Muran, considers leaving Muran đồ sộ his fate due đồ sộ his dislike of him. However, remembering Gojo's words đồ sộ him, Kazami orders Hiroto đồ sộ protect Muran. While Hiroto save Freddie and Muran, the rest of the BUILD DiVERS work đồ sộ protect the convoy. Kazami is quickly overwhelmed by the One-Eyes and his Gunpla is critically damaged. At his lowest point, Kazami remembers a lesson from his hero, Captain Zeon, telling him that he should follow his own passion for Gunpla in his heart. Inspired, Kazami decides đồ sộ keep fighting just as Hiroto returns, and with his help, Kazami is able đồ sộ score his first destruction point. However, their victory is short lived when the Seltsam arrives, destroys the abandoned Resistance base, and then attacks the BUILD DiVERS, who are heavily outmatched and are barely able đồ sộ escape. When they rendezvous with the Resistance, they are entrusted with a mysterious locket by Muran, which according đồ sộ him is supposed đồ sộ be the key đồ sộ turning the tide against the One-Eyes. 8"Duty and Illusion"
Transcription: "Shimei đồ sộ Gen'ei" (Japanese: 使命と幻影)November 21, 2019 May relays what she has learned đồ sộ Magee, but he tells her that GBN has no data on the Seltsam or if it even belongs đồ sộ a diver or not. Despite Magee's prodding, May claims that the BUILD DiVERS really aren't a team in the traditional sense, but admits that she may find what she's looking for if she stays with them. The BUILD DiVERS then meet up for the next stage in the story mission. They arrive at the Resistance's new headquarters at the island thành phố of Seguri, which is protected by an energy shield. The commander of the Resistance, Abiree, welcomes them while Gorus tells them their next mission is đồ sộ engage an undersea monster sánh the Resistance can scout the Silver Tower, an important One-Eyes stronghold. Parviz suggests they take the Grand Dive Challenge đồ sộ practice underwater combat. Meanwhile, May asks Hiroto what his motivation is, and he merely tells her he is searching for something that can't be found. The next day, the BUILD DiVERS start the Grand Dive Challenge, where they must get a Haro past team Granada Bleu while underwater. Kazami and Parviz are easily eliminated and Hiroto is only able đồ sộ clear the challenge by using his Mercuone Gundam and leaving May behind as a decoy. Seeing how the rest of the team aren't suited for underwater battle, Hiroto decides đồ sộ take on the upcoming stage by himself. May concedes it is the most efficient plan, but asks if it's really enough, which reminds Hiroto of a similar question that Eve asked him in the past, realizing..........she could be an EL-Diver. 9"Abyss of Isolation"
Transcription: "Kakuzetsu no Fuchi Kara" (Japanese: 隔絶の淵から)November 28, 2019 Despite May's skepticism, Hiroto is still determined đồ sộ complete the mission on his own. As the rest of team talks with Freddie, they wonder why an experienced player lượt thích Hiroto tries đồ sộ avoid team battles sánh much. As they near the Silver Tower, they realize it's an orbital elevator connecting đồ sộ space. They are then attacked by a massive aquatic One-Eyes unit. Meanwhile, Hinata decides đồ sộ investigate what caused Hiroto đồ sộ become sánh antisocial, and connects the timing of his attitude change đồ sộ the day of the Second Coalition of Volunteers' battle. Meanwhile, Hiroto has difficulty fighting the One-Eyes unit and is knocked unconscious, where he has a flashback of when he attempted đồ sộ fight a rogue quấn by himself. While successful, the entire surrounding thành phố was destroyed in the battle. May rescues Hiroto and advises that they all work as a team đồ sộ defeat the One-Eyes unit. Together, they are able đồ sộ pull the One-Eyes out of the water with a harpoon and destroy it in a combined attack. Hiroto thanks everyone for the tư vấn and apologizes for any misunderstandings he may have caused, saving May for last. From May's response, Hiroto is reminded of how Eve in his past pointed out that he should fight for someone he cares about, not for the sake of fighting. Suddenly, the Seltsam attacks and corners Hiroto, but is saved again by May, who reveals that she is an EL-Diver, with his hunch about her being right. 10"The Ones Who Breathe There"
Transcription: "Soko ni Aru Ibuki" (Japanese: そこにある息吹)December 5, 2019 May reveals herself as an EL-Diver and attacks the Seltsam, managing đồ sộ get the upper hand on it. She asks the Seltsam's pilot if they are Masaki Shidoh, but the Seltsam retreats without answering. With the mission cleared, the Resistance seizes the base of the Silver Tower, giving them access đồ sộ outer space. May admits she is one of the 87 EL-Divers discovered starting with Sarah. Back in the real world, Hiroto appears đồ sộ carry over a head a real injury he suffered during the previous battle. In a flash back he is shown đồ sộ have been in Avalon and might have been the friend that Kyoya was referring đồ sộ when Kyoya first met Riku and was about đồ sộ shoot Riku's 00 Sky down with a mystery weapon. Hinata becomes more worried about Hiroto's relationship with the girl in his past, after hearing about EL-Divers and finding out about a several day sự kiện called the "Second Coalition of Volunteers' Battle" and the "EL-Diver Incident" that started around the same time a night he came trang chủ crying in the rain. The next night, the BUILD DiVERS celebrate the annual Space Crossing festival at the village. The festival concludes with the villagers releasing lanterns into the sky đồ sộ commemorate those that passed away and đồ sộ honor the spirits watching over them. Later on, May stumbles upon Hiroto trying đồ sộ privately release a lantern that went out and failed đồ sộ fly away. Upon which, Hiroto then asks May whether an EL-Diver dies permanently if they disappear or if there is a way đồ sộ bring them back đồ sộ life. At that moment, May guesses that what Hiroto is searching for is another EL-Diver. 11"Last Mission"
Transcription: "Rasuto Misshon" (Japanese: ラストミッション)December 12, 2019 The BUILD DiVERS return đồ sộ the Silver Tower, where they discover that the pendant Muran gave them acts as the key đồ sộ unlock the Tower. Suspecting the One-Eyes have prepared a trap for them, the BUILD DiVERS decide đồ sộ spend the next three days preparing for a likely space battle. On the day of the mission, the BUILD DiVERS ride the space elevator into orbit, where they learn from Freddie the planet is not called Earth, but Eldora. Upon reaching the top of the space elevator, the BUILD DiVERS are led đồ sộ a facility on the surface of Eldora's moon. Entering the facility, they encounter an artificial intelligence called Alus, which explains it is protecting Eldora while it waits for its creators đồ sộ return. Freddie then pleads with Alus đồ sộ stop the One-Eyes' attacks on his people, but Alus instead turns hostile and targets Seguri for destruction. The BUILD DiVERS evacuate the facility and discover the moon is actually an orbital cannon. They are then met by a massive army of One-Eyes led by the Seltsam. 12"The Shuddering World"
Transcription: "Furueru Sekai" (Japanese: 震える世界)December 19, 2019 The BUILD DiVERS fight the One-Eyes army and the Seltsam while desperately trying đồ sộ stop the orbital cannon. In the occasion, Hiroto confronts the Seltsam one on one and learns đồ sộ his surprise that it is piloted by a human. May tries đồ sộ destroy the cannon with Par covering her and culling the One-Eyes. Kazami tries đồ sộ force his way back into the moon base đồ sộ destroy Alus while culling as many One-Eyes as he can. Despite their best efforts đồ sộ, they fail đồ sộ prevent the cannon from firing at Seguri, obliterating the thành phố along with Jed and the Resistance. Hiroto and the others are blasted away by the cannon's beam and are barely able đồ sộ return safely đồ sộ the surface, during the atmosphere re-entry Hiroto considers doing something crude, however a familiar voice hollers his name in attempt đồ sộ stop him, which he recoils. They are all in shock of the crater that was left behind where Seguri once stood and most of the water evaporated. Filled with regret, they make their way back đồ sộ Freddie's village, upon which they reveal đồ sộ the others what happened đồ sộ the thành phố and the villagers mourn Jed's death and their relatives who lived in Seguri. While wondering why the story mode did not kết thúc as they failed their mission, Kazami realizes that the villagers are truly suffering and that their situation is not part of a game, but real. Suddenly, all GBN users are forcibly logged out from the system, including the BUILD DiVERS. Back in the real world, Hiroto learns that servers are mysteriously shutting down across the globe, interfering with communications worldwide. 13"Somewhere in This Universe"
Transcription: "Kono Sora no Dokokade" (Japanese: この宇宙そらのどこかで)December 26, 2019 Amidst the news that an energy surge originated from a planet 30 light years away from Earth was responsible for the malfunction of communications worldwide, May arranges a meeting with the other BUILD DiVERS in person unkowingly along with Nanami as a hired toàn thân guard for May. She introduces them đồ sộ Masaki Shidoh, a veteran Diver who has been in a coma for six months. There is no record of him logging out of GBN, implying that his mind is still connected in the system. May also reveals that he is the pilot of the Seltsam and shows them a picture of him with other Eldorans. In addition, the GBN administrators confirmed đồ sộ May that Eldora is not part of the game. The other BUILD DiVERS come đồ sộ the realization that Eldora is not part of GBN, but a real planet, and that they were risking their lives in a real war. With this revelation, Kazami and Parviz lose their resolve đồ sộ keep fighting with May and she bids farewell đồ sộ them. Hiroto, seeing Nanami carrying May away and seeing what an EL-Diver life is lượt thích IRL, decides đồ sộ not cling đồ sộ false hope anymore. Thanks đồ sộ a pep-talk from Hinata and deciding đồ sộ keep honoring his memories of Eve, Hiroto gives his Chip Core Gundam an upgrade and later on once access đồ sộ GBN is reestablished, May is about đồ sộ return đồ sộ Eldora when her fellow BUILD DiVERS appear đồ sộ join her, each deciding đồ sộ continue for their own reasons, with Hiroto resolving đồ sộ not allow anyone đồ sộ suffer the way he did. Suddenly, Freddie contacts the BUILD DiVERS asking for help, and the four depart together đồ sộ assist him. 14"Encounters, and Then…"
Transcription: "Meguriai, Soshite" (Japanese: めぐりあい、そして)April 9, 2020 Three Earth years before meeting the BUILD DiVERS, Freddie used đồ sộ explore the nearby ruins when one day, he managed đồ sộ establish connections đồ sộ GBN, and since then he regularly returned there đồ sộ watch the exploits of the original Build Divers, and made a vow someday đồ sộ summon them đồ sộ help save his people and his planet. Two years went by, until one day, he and Stola stumbled across a scout unit of the One-Eyes and the villagers concluded that an attack from them was imminent. When the One-Eyes finally mix their eyes on the village, Freddie ran đồ sộ the ruins where he managed đồ sộ access tương tác in GBN, unknowingly he was not able đồ sộ pick who he wanted đồ sộ tương tác. At that point, Hiroto and the others answer his Điện thoại tư vấn and Freddie enlist their help and thought they were part of the Build Divers Force but a different unit. Back đồ sộ the present, after the destruction of Seguri City, access đồ sộ the ruins was blocked and he could not tương tác the BUILD DiVERS anymore. Thanks đồ sộ a mysterious pep-talk from Jed's ghost, Freddie is reminded that most everything else can still be saved. Knowing that the One-Eyes army will eventually return, and with the Resistance destroyed, Asha is scared and crying. Freddie becomes inspired and promises Asha he will return with the BUILD DiVERS, then goes back and digs his way into the ruins and falls asleep after all that hard work. After having a dream of being tossed into a massive GBN space battle and Hiroto, in his newly upgraded gunpla, protecting him from the Seltsam, Freddie awakens with reestablished connections đồ sộ GBN and contacts Hiroto and his friends, asking for their help once more. Meanwhile, a massive creature awakens in another temple. 15"Mission, Again"
Transcription: "Misshon, Futatabi" (Japanese: 使命(ミッション)、再び)April 16, 2020 The BUILD DiVERS are summoned back đồ sộ Eldora, but are shocked đồ sộ discover that their Gunpla have not been fully summoned, with only the base forms of Hiroto and May's Gunpla being summoned and Kazami and Parviz's failing đồ sộ appear at all. Freddie explains that all along, the BUILD DiVERS were being summoned by the "Shining Sand", which is only found at the temple and would construct their bodies and Gunpla, basically lượt thích giant molding machine. However, Alus's satellite attack damaged the temple and blew away all the Shining Sand. They return đồ sộ the village where they encounter Muran, who managed đồ sộ escape the destruction of Seguri. Muran points the BUILD DiVERS đồ sộ three other discovered temples they may find more Shining Sand at. Hiroto correctly guesses that Muran knew Masaki and his initial distrust of the BUILD DiVERS stems from Masaki's apparent betrayal, for which he informs Muran that maybe Masaki didn't choose đồ sộ betray anyone, only saying that on a strong hunch, due đồ sộ meeting his sister IRL and hearing about what he is really lượt thích. Hiroto and May head đồ sộ the northern temple, Kazami and Maiya head đồ sộ the southern temple, and Parviz, Freddie, and Muran head đồ sộ the eastern temple. Hiroto and May defeat a trio of upgraded One-Eyes units but find no Shining Sand at the northern temple. Hiroto observes that the One-Eyes actively avoid damaging the temples. Kazami feels guilty for being partially responsible for Jed's death, and is conflicted on whether đồ sộ tell Maiya or not. Muran explains đồ sộ Parviz and Freddie that the eastern temple actually floats in the sky and serves as the trang chủ of the sacred beast Cuadorn, which is supposed đồ sộ be Eldora's protector. Muran provides a hot air balloon đồ sộ Parviz and Freddie and instructs them đồ sộ meet Cuadorn personally. Meanwhile, Masaki appears đồ sộ be going berserk as he begins attacking One-Eyes units. 16"To the Heavenly Land"
Transcription: "Tenkū no Daichi e" (Japanese: 天空の大地へ)April 23, 2020 Kazami and Maiya reach the southern temple, but find that it is too damaged đồ sộ use. Kazami finally admits his partial fault in the destruction of Seguri and Jed's death, but Maiya, who already knew, forgives him instantly. Hiroto and May then arrive, where they encounter Stola and Resistance remnants, who are protecting a nearby village. However, the village is discovered by a One-Eyes scout, meaning an attack will arrive in three days. Since the village is full of refugees who are in no condition đồ sộ evacuate, Hiroto, May, and Kazami head for the eastern temple but are ambushed by a One-Eyes unit controlled directly by Alus, which has also copied the Chip Core Change system Hiroto's Gunpla uses. Meanwhile, Parviz and Freddie ride the balloon and manage đồ sộ reach the eastern temple which is still intact and full of Shining Sand. They also meet Cuadorn, who Parviz notices is visibly damaged. Cuadorn summons a lightning storm that forces Alus đồ sộ withdraw and then lands the eastern temple, allowing the rest of the BUILD DiVERS and Muran đồ sộ meet him as well. In the real world, Hinata meets her senior classmate from the Archery Dojo Mizuki Shidoh, who is also Masaki's sister. Back at the eastern temple, even though Cuadorn acknowledges he owes a debt đồ sộ the "people of the Gunpla", he asks the BUILD DiVERS đồ sộ leave. 17"The Sacred Beast Cuadorn"
Transcription: "Seijū Kuadorun" (Japanese: 星獣クアドルン)April 30, 2020 Cuadorn reveals that Alus is an artificial intelligence developed by the ancient people of Eldora đồ sộ protect the planet, but after a war that devastated the planet, Alus was put into hibernation while the Ancients left đồ sộ find a new trang chủ. Ages later, Alus awakened and believed that the current inhabitants of Eldora are intruders, sánh it started attacking them. In response, Cuadorn summoned Masaki đồ sộ assist him against Alus, and Alus accessed GBN's data đồ sộ create the One-Eyes' mobile suits đồ sộ counter them, before capturing and brainwashing Masaki. Cuadorn also reveals that the Shining Sand was part of a system that was created by a small protion of the Ancients, who stayed behind đồ sộ see there world flourish again. Originally, they developed it đồ sộ digitally transfer themselves back đồ sộ Eldora by converting themselves into data. Although they died in the conversion a small piece of data survived though the ages, which has somehow proved compatible with GBN and transmitted itself there. Despite learning the truth, the BUILD DiVERS refuse đồ sộ leave and reaffirm their will đồ sộ protect their friends on Eldora, convincing Cuadorn đồ sộ accept their help. They send Muran đồ sộ instruct the villagers đồ sộ take refuge at the ancient ruins, which the One-Eyes units will not attack, while making plans đồ sộ confront Alus before he fires his satellite cannon again. The BUILD DiVERS decide đồ sộ return đồ sộ Earth đồ sộ prepare and promise đồ sộ return đồ sộ Eldora in two days. The team make preparations with Hiroto taking out a sealed armor, the Uranus armor, inspired by a pep-talk from his father. Meanwhile Hinata learns about Masaki's condition, and is worried about Hiroto's safety. 18"Perfect Sniper"
Transcription: "Kanpeki mãng cầu Sogekisha" (Japanese: 完璧な狙撃者)May 7, 2020 The BUILD DiVERS return đồ sộ Eldora, where they are able đồ sộ properly summon their Gunpla and assist the refugees evacuating đồ sộ the ruins while fending off the One-Eyes after them, until Alus joins the fight with his Mobile Suit, driving Hiroto and the others into a corner with his sniping skills, explaining that he had observed Hiroto's battles in GBN and learned from him, claiming đồ sộ be the "perfect" version of him with Hiroto shocked that Alus was able đồ sộ get pictures of him, including recorded logs that he had a chance đồ sộ snipe Riku during a certain large scale battle and had the chance đồ sộ win with ease. This concluded all logs and files of him were not erased as he wanted. When Kazami spots Freddie and Stola lập cập around the battlefield while helping a civilian đồ sộ escape, he jumps in đồ sộ protect them and Hiroto takes advantage of the situation đồ sộ pinpoint Alus' location and launch a counterattack, while the other BUILD DiVERS keep protecting the refugees. Hiroto confronts and defeats Alus, but while his friends celebrate, Hiroto himself is disheartened because he broke a promise he made đồ sộ Eve in the past and decides đồ sộ tell his story đồ sộ his comrades of how he discovered more EL-Divers and why he was about đồ sộ shoot Riku down. Upon which he stares at the thrusted up Beam Shoot Rifle in gloom and depression as if it were...... a gravestone. 19"If It Weren't for You"
Transcription: "Kimi ga Inakereba" (Japanese: 君がいなければ)July 9, 2020 Several years ago, when GBN was about đồ sộ take over Gunpla Battle completely, Hiroto, answering đồ sộ a request from his friends, participated in a Gunpla Duel piloting a hastily built Speed Grade RX-78-2 Gundam against a veteran player using a Perfect Grade GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. Despite the huge disadvantage, Hiroto won by utilising the parts of other Gunpla destroyed by the enemy. This inspired him đồ sộ develop the Chip Core Gundam, but during his first time piloting it in GBN, the Gunpla malfunctioned and he made a forced landing. In the occasion, he met Eve and the two became close. Their adventures began when Hiroto decided đồ sộ make a gunpla that could customize parts while in battle using armor and Eve would take him đồ sộ explore landscapes and scenery đồ sộ inspire his sense of aesthetics. One of which was the fireweed garden that Riku, Sarah, and Yukio would eventually kết thúc up going đồ sộ. They kept doing sánh including doing missions, pvp tournaments, and skill challenge tournaments đồ sộ develop additional armors for the Chip Core Gundam, thus creating the core-change gimmick, and the Planets System. One night Hiroto had a nightmare of Eve's highly possible fate, where he saw a slightly older version of Eve absorbing the bugs from Sarah, causing Eve much pain. Not long afterwards, he joined a Force by her suggestion and became a thành viên of Avalon, by Kyoya's invitation when he stumbled upon Hiroto training out in the open and was amazed by his Gunpla's gimmick and his skills in handling it. Both Hiroto and Eve came closer together in GBN, with Hiroto giving Eve an earring and the two taking a memorial photograph. A few years went by where they made many happy memories together, until one day when Eve requested Hiroto đồ sộ erase her... 20"A Wish Entrusted"
Transcription: "Takusareta Negai" (Japanese: 託された願い)July 16, 2020 Eve revealed đồ sộ Hiroto of her origins and that she was absorbing the bugs Sarah was inadvertently creating, but after the First Coalition of Volunteers battle (which Hiroto joined in), she had reached her limit and the bugs risked being released, which would destroy GBN. Hiroto, despite his pleas đồ sộ Eve against dying, reluctantly allowed his Chip Core Gundam đồ sộ give her a fatal shot remotely by borrowing her EL-Diver power. As she was fading, Eve asked Hiroto đồ sộ always be someone who helps others, and đồ sộ help EL-Divers lượt thích her, especially her little sister, Sarah, who was captured by Avalon, his own force, the day after. On the night Riku called out đồ sộ Sarah and right after he left, it's revealed that Sarah and Hiroto spotted each other briefly before she went back inside, with Hiroto unaware the way that was found đồ sộ save Sarah involved something Eve would have rejected. Hiroto later joined the Second Coalition of Volunteers battle against the original Build Divers right when Hyakki joined in for third tiệc nhỏ reasons. Hiroto, completely withstanding the giant impact, aims and locks on Riku. Just when he was about đồ sộ snipe Riku's battered Gundam 00 Sky, he remembered his promise đồ sộ Eve and her last words, and thus refrained, redirecting his shot into the ground. After telling the whole story đồ sộ his friends, Hiroto voices his regret over not doing his best đồ sộ help others lượt thích he promised đồ sộ Eve, and is comforted by May, who encourages him đồ sộ cry freely. Hiroto later apologizes đồ sộ Freddie for pretending that he and the others were the real Build Divers. Freddie, on the other hand, reassures Hiroto that he kept his promise đồ sộ Eve by helping his people against the One-Eyes and is happy for meeting them. May reminds Hiroto that Sarah and all the other EL-Divers could flourish in GBN because of his choice; upon hearing May, Hiroto realizes he was not only keeping his promise đồ sộ Eve, but that all of his actions benefited everyone one way or another, and since GBN's sea of data is much closer than vãn heaven, Eve has been watching over him all along, upon which he smirks in relief and is happy with his four new friends. Elsewhere, a deranged Masaki fights his brainwashing while defending the Eldorans against the One Eyes' forces while his health back in the real world begins đồ sộ decline. 21"To Fly Once More"
Transcription: "Mōichido Tobu Tame ni" (Japanese: もういちど飛ぶために)July 23, 2020 Hiroto and the others have an offline meeting đồ sộ make plans for their imminent confrontation with Alus. In the occasion, Kazami asks for help đồ sộ create a new Gunpla and Parviz comes up with an idea đồ sộ fix Cuadorn's broken wing with Gunpla parts. At Eldora, they hear from Muran that the Seltsam was seen fighting the One-Eyes and Cuadorn theorizes that the damage the BUILD DiVERS inflicted on the Seltsam in the space battle damaged the system Alus was using đồ sộ control Masaki, allowing him đồ sộ resist his brainwashing. The BUILD DiVERS decide đồ sộ face Masaki once more in order đồ sộ help him fully break away from Alus' control. In real life, Kazami completes his new Gunpla and Hiroto touches up his Saturn Armor with his favorite photo of him and Eve still out, but no longer distracted by it. Afterwards, while accompanying Hiroto after school, Hinata is informed by Mizuki that her brother's condition is worsening, and upon learning this, Hiroto reveals the truth đồ sộ her, promising đồ sộ rescue Masaki and return safely. Back at Eldora, Kazami reveals his new Gunpla, the Aegis Knight, and departs with Hiroto and May đồ sộ look for Masaki, while Parviz stays behind đồ sộ finish repairs on Cuadorn. 22"Seltsam's Deadline"
Transcription: "Kokugen no Zerutozāmu" (Japanese: 刻限のゼルトザーム)July 30, 2020 As Masaki's condition in the real world deteriorates, Hiroto, May, and Kazami leave đồ sộ confront the Seltsam while Parviz remains behind đồ sộ repair Cuadorn's wing. Hiroto's group soon encounters the Seltsam battling a large One-Eyes force, and a vicious three way battle commences. During the battle, Masaki pleads for Hiroto đồ sộ kill him, as he feels immense guilt over being forced đồ sộ betray Cuadorn and the New Eldorans. Alus himself then intervenes with his Chip Core Gundam in its Earthree armor as well as copies of the Nu and Arche Gundams, intent on retrieving Masaki. With his wing repaired, Cuadorn then arrives on the field with Parviz and manages đồ sộ disable the Seltsam. He then prepares đồ sộ destroy the Seltsam and kill Masaki đồ sộ kết thúc his suffering, but Hiroto and May intervene, convincing him that Masaki can still be saved. Cuadorn then shifts đồ sộ distracting Alus while Hiroto and Kazami work together đồ sộ take down the Seltsam, with Hiroto being able đồ sộ remove the corrupted parts. Alus then retreats, wondering why he keeps losing in his encounters with Hiroto's team. Masaki is finally freed from Alus' control and his consciousness returns đồ sộ his toàn thân in the real world, where he finally recovers from his coma. Meanwhile, Magee publicizes information about the BUILD DiVERS' exploits đồ sộ the GBN population under the guise of seeking assistance đồ sộ clear a game mission, which immediately begins receiving offers of help. 23"Moment of Choice"
Transcription: "Sentaku no Toki" (Japanese: 選択のとき)August 6, 2020 Hiroto's group is visited by Masaki, who apologizes đồ sộ them for all the trouble he caused under Alus' control, and thanks them for rescuing him, while explaining that the satellite cannon was damaged during their previous fight there, thus it will take longer for it đồ sộ become fully operational again. Mizuki appears soon after and asks them đồ sộ not have her brother involved with their battle anymore. At Eldora, the BUILD DiVERS discuss ways đồ sộ reach the moon without using the space elevator, when May points out that Alus should not be destroyed, given that he is simply following his programming and does not know any better. The group agrees đồ sộ try đồ sộ stop Alus without destroying him, despite Muran's reservations. While the team develops new equipment for the upcoming battle in space, May introduces the others đồ sộ Magee, who had publicized the BUILD DiVERS' exploits which has garnered them a huge amount of public sympathy, praise, and tư vấn within GBN. With many Forces volunteering đồ sộ help the BUILD DiVERS train for their upcoming battle against Alus, Magee arranges a special sự kiện for the BUILD DiVERS đồ sộ face off against GBN's most elite divers, including members from Avalon and suggests the original Build Divers should be a part of it as well. 24"Build Divers"
Transcription: "Birudo Daibāzu" (Japanese: ビルドダイバーズ)August 13, 2020 As the BUILD DiVERS prepare for their training match in the sườn of an updated Lotus Challenge, Hiroto briefly reunites with his former Avalon forcemates and they are formally introduced đồ sộ the original Build Divers. The BUILD DiVERS proceed with the challenge with the additional condition that they will instantly fail if even one of them is shot down. During the Lotus Challenge, the BUILD DiVERS face off against not only Riku and the Build Divers, but also Rommel and his 7th Panzer Division, Ogre and Hyakki, and Kyouya and Avalon. Meanwhile, Mizuki watches Kazami's records of the BUILD DiVERS' exploits on Eldora, and comes đồ sộ understand Masaki's plight a little more. She convinces the hospital đồ sộ release Masaki early and gives him her blessing đồ sộ help the BUILD DiVERS on the condition he return trang chủ safely. Back in GBN, on their 40th try, the BUILD DiVERS are finally able đồ sộ break through the opposition and beat the Lotus Challenge after unlocking their team's Special Move, with everyone surprised at seeing something they haven't seen since the First Coalition of Volunteers Battle. The participants celebrate afterwards, with it being implied that Rommel is actually Captain Zeon. May, knowing deep down Hiroto is still not quite comfortable, arranges for Hiroto đồ sộ meet Riku and Sarah privately, having just told the Build Divers about Eve and what happened behind the scenes and the true nature of how more EL-Divers got discovered, with Kyoya bringing logs and old photos since she knows that Hiroto knows they weren't deleted. Riku desperately apologizes đồ sộ Hiroto, but Hiroto insists that he holds no grudge against Riku and his team, also telling them it was Eve's wish for Sarah's survival, đồ sộ ensure that they would both be happy, and help GBN flourish. Hiroto thanks them for helping him keep his promise, and both Riku and Sarah accept him as a part of the Build Divers family. The two aces of both teams promise đồ sộ continue having Gunpla battles and rise back up together by trading each other's wishes as Hiroto gains closure. After returning đồ sộ the real world, Hiroto has a talk with Hinata about what transpired. Hinata implies that she intends đồ sộ play GBN even if there is not much for her đồ sộ tự and the two promise đồ sộ continue đồ sộ tư vấn each other in their own ways. Hiroto is pumped đồ sộ return đồ sộ Eldora for the final battle and Hinata for an important bow ritual. 25"To the Tomorrow I Envision"
Transcription: "Boku ga kaku mirai e" (Japanese: 僕が描く未来あした)August 20, 2020 Early in the morning, both Hiroto and Hinata head out đồ sộ take on their own challenges. Hinata prepares for her bow ceremony, with Mizuki and Hiroto's parents present đồ sộ cheer her on. Meanwhile, Hiroto and the BUILD DiVERS return đồ sộ Eldora with the people giving the heroes their blessings and Freddie wanting đồ sộ ride with Hiroto while the resistance heads out for one last stand đồ sộ tự their part. As the team is about đồ sộ head out, Masaki unexpectedly joins them with everyone now together. While the Resistance stages a diversionary attack on the Silver Tower, Hiroto uses his new Nepteight Gundam đồ sộ carry the BUILD DiVERS into orbit, catching Alus off guard. The BUILD DiVERS clash with the One-Eyes forces as Masaki and Cuadorn join in đồ sộ help. All the while, Kazami is live-streaming the battle sánh that the general public can spectate it as well, including Mizuki and Hiroto's parents. The BUILD DiVERS are eventually able đồ sộ break through the One-Eyes' forces and Alus's Eldoran Chip Core Gundams. After Freddie vents his feelings đồ sộ Alus, the team contribute parts of their own Gunpla đồ sộ Hiroto đồ sộ sườn the Re:Rising Gundam, which is what was used đồ sộ defeat the Eldoran style Lotus Challenge. With his new Gundam, Hiroto is able đồ sộ destroy Alus' orbital cannon while at the same time back on Earth, Hinata hits her target and succeeds in completing the bow ritual. Realizing that the Divers will continue đồ sộ interfere with his plans, Alus angrily decides đồ sộ directly destroy them all by forcefully uploading himself and his massive warfleet into GBN, intent on destroying the game. However, he is immediately met by the Third Coalition of Volunteers, who are all lying in wait at Avalon's force nest. 26"Re:Rise"
August 27, 2020 The Third Coalition of Volunteers fight Alus' forces, later joined by the BUILD DiVERS, while Cuadorn and Masaki stay behind at Eldora đồ sộ destroy the Satellite Cannon's mainframe and prevent Alus from returning. Back in GBN, Hiroto attempts đồ sộ sườn the Earthree Gundam but Alus steals the Earth Armor and equips it onto one of his own Gundams instead. In response, Hiroto equips his Chip Core Gundam II with parts from the other armors at his disposal đồ sộ fight back. Surprised by the Volunteers' fierce resistance, Alus launches an attack đồ sộ take down GBN's systems, but is prevented when the trò chơi Master and Miss Tori arrive đồ sộ install a security patch and revert the damage. After his forces are almost destroyed by the Divers with more of them joining the battle, Alus launches one final desperate attack đồ sộ destroy GBN, but is stopped by Sarah, May, and Eve's spirit before being ultimately defeated by Riku and Hiroto. After the battle, Alus's feelings reincarnate into a new infant EL-Diver that May takes in, during which, Hiroto discovers Eve's earring reincarnated as a pendant and was in May's possession all along, realizing some of Eve's lost data was also involved in May's creation. In a real-world meeting, Miss Tori points out that Alus' energy signature is similar đồ sộ some issues that occurred in GBN during its development, implying that it was actually the Ancient Eldorans' last piece of dormant data entering the system, which could have been the final triggering factor that enabled the EL-Divers đồ sộ be born in GBN. Some time later, Masaki is finally discharged from hospital, and the BUILD DiVERS, with Hinata as their newest thành viên, return đồ sộ Eldora đồ sộ help the New Eldorans rebuild.

An original net animation (ONA) titled Gundam Build Divers Battlogue (ガンダムビルドファイターズ バトローグ, Gandamu Birudo Daibāzu Batorōgu) premiered on Sunrise's own Gundam Channel YouTube on November 13, 2020. Similar đồ sộ the previous Battlogue series, the ONA features Gunpla battles based on người hâm mộ votes including characters from both Build Divers and Build Divers Re:Rise.[16] The ONA was directed by Masami Obari, and the rest of the staff from Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise returned đồ sộ reprise their roles.[17]

A spinoff manga titled Gundam Build Diver Rize (ガンダムビルドダイバーリゼ, Gandamu Birudo Daibā Rize) began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's monthly Gundam Ace Magazine in December 2019 and ended in March 2021.[18] It was compiled into three volumes. Ryōji Sekinishi and Shiitake Gensui returned đồ sộ write and illustrate the spinoff manga series with Takayuki Yanase providing the mecha designs.[19]

Part of the series's merchandise was released under Bandai's long running Gunpla line of scale models and sub-collectible line such as Robot Spirits figures.