đọc truyện mao sơn tróc quỷ nhân

Author: Thanh Tu
Genre: Urban, Fantasy, Fantasy Convert
Status: Completed
Length: 3613 chapters

Diep Thieu Duong rushes into the thành phố, fights with people, fights with demons, and I love beautiful lakes. Tay Thi Vuong, immortal evil god, message fairy hung spirit, quartet demon kou.

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Raised the little demon female star, sucked the blood of the royal princess, and loved the toàn thân of the female president.

Mao Shan Divine Arts, a full autumn road!

If you know Thanh Tu, it is definitely impossible đồ sộ ignore the Mao Son Trac Quy Nhan series, although the series has not been completed, it belongs đồ sộ the category of writers, but it attracts a lot of readers about the genre. Fantasy combines Urban, and mostly Kiem Hiep, about Diep Thieu Duong's journey after descending the mountain đồ sộ start his own life. Telling about the great things that he did, but also delicately describing the countless fears, because he was originally just a mortal on the road đồ sộ murder, only the best novel.

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What will his journey face?

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The main character of the series Mao Son Trac Quy Nhan named Diep Thieu Duong, he was originally just an extremely ordinary person, but since childhood, he has brought in him an extremely rare fairy god. He is also the thirty-eighth heir of Mao Shan. The descendant of the famous Thien Master Diep Phap Thien. The chance for him đồ sộ meet Thien Master was that when he was a child, he accidentally got poisoned and nearly died, later worshiped Mao Son as a teacher, and from there he began đồ sộ cultivate đồ sộ become a talent, đồ sộ escape danger. started descending the mountain, entering the urban area. Here he begins his own journey.

Everyone said that Diep Thieu Duong is a talented person, a person with great will who is not afraid of anything or anything. Meeting people, demons, love, any lake can be eradicated. However, few people know that he is also in danger and is afraid lượt thích another normal human being. It's just that a martial arts practitioner lượt thích him can't always show that weakness đồ sộ others. Diep Thieu Duong is most afraid of animals with many legs, which seems đồ sộ be a common fear of many people. He was also involved in a love story lượt thích many other people, struggling in the mess without knowing how đồ sộ untangle it. And in the paths he goes through, encountering dangers and coincidences, it is still a close brother and sister đồ sộ save him, help him overcome. Diep Thieu Duong's most formidable opponent is the Ancient Evil God or the Millennium Le Devil? No, he was afraid of himself, afraid of his own control of the demon mind that could not be eliminated.

The story highlights the fiery battles without mercy, and the emotional love of those around Diep Thieu Duong, as well as talking about Dao Phong also known as Dao Than Nhan Nhan, he is an orphan, also a monk. Diep Thieu Duong's brother. He is seen through the loneliness, cruelty, what heaven and earth is great, whatever causes cause and effect, he only smiles faintly. Y does not display good or evil, not screen the six paths of reincarnation. As long as Diep Thieu Duong is in trouble, he will be there đồ sộ rescue him, also because of his younger brother, he worries endlessly, and because of his younger brother, he still lingers in the world until now.